Have you been experiencing a sense of deja-vu while channel surfing as of late? No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone...more like the Reboot Zone.

In recent memory, a notable number of classic TV shows have been revived for your viewing pleasure, including 90s cult classic “Twin Peaks,” '80s sitcom “Roseanne,” and many, many more. Ready to get watching? Here are five classic TV shows that have recently been rebooted.

"The Twilight Zone"

Credit: CBS All Access / YouTube

Talk about a highly recognizable series. From the unforgettable theme song to the eerie plot twists, this iconic show had a style all its own that still holds up to modern viewing. Created by Rod Serling, it enjoyed a successful run on CBS from 1959 through 1964.

The show was rebooted in the mid-80s (sadly, minus the famous voice-over introduction), but it never reached the same level of popularity as the original. More recently, in 2019, the series was rebooted as a CBS All Access show developed by Oscar winner Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg, and Marco Ramirez. Will it match the original? Only time will tell.


Credit: ABC / YouTube

What made the show “Roseanne” so successful? Its realistic portrayal of a working-class family, presented with plenty of heart and humor. Viewers watched and laughed along with the Conner family’s ups and downs for close to a decade. The series ran from 1988-1996 on ABC.

In 2018, the show was rebooted on ABC, only to have the eponymous star fired following a tweet scandal. However, the show went on: it was rebranded “The Conners” and continues to shoot without Roseanne herself.

"Twin Peaks"

Credit: SHOWTIME / YouTube

Who killed Laura Palmer? This spooky and deeply weird TV show dreamed up by none other than David Lynch didn’t have a long run. It lasted for two seasons from 1990-1991. But it went on to attain cult status that left a lasting legacy.

The fanaticism about this show was so strong that in 2017 it was rebooted for a third season, entitled “Twin Peaks: The Return.” Directed once again by David Lynch and featuring several original cast members, this reboot may have fans wondering when Season 4 might come around.

"Will & Grace"

Credit: Will & Grace / YouTube

At the time when this show originally aired in 1998, its plot lines – focused around gay characters, their love lives, and their quirky urban best friends – was unlike anything the public had seen before. It quickly rose to popularity, becoming a ratings winner for the coveted 18-49 crowd from 2001-2005 and shining a light on LGBTQ+ topics.

In 2017, the show was rebooted for a multi-season, award-winning run before being cancelled again in 2019. The secret to its success? Likely the fact that all four primary cast members returned for the reboot.

"Star Trek: Discovery"

Credit: Star Trek / YouTube

This show gets a trophy for most reboots: Since the original "Star Trek" aired in 1966, the series been rebooted numerous times and has seen a successful movie franchise as well.

You might think that at this point, all the deep space stories possible would have been told, but you’d be wrong. The latest series, “Star Trek: Discovery” debuted in 2017 and is a prequel to the original series. As if that weren’t enough? It was recently announced that yet another reboot will debut in the near future, focusing on Captain Jean-Luc Picard, as portrayed by the beloved actor Patrick Stewart.

The rise of television revivals

Hand over the remote! With so many classic TV shows returning to the small screen in recent years, we just may be in the midst of a reboot renaissance. From sci-fi to comedy to deep space, there’s a revival for every type of viewer. Have you been following any of these classic TV show reboots?

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