Some people say fashion is subjective. Others say it’s all about function. The great thing about casual, formal, or freaky fashion is that people are allowed to wear whatever makes them most comfortable.

But one person’s sense of comfort can be another’s Halloween costume, and crazy fashion trends both new and old have led designers to create a spectrum of wild and weird clothing. From half-shirts paired with suitcoats to wearable designer plastic bags to plaid everything, outfits and accessories continue to impress and baffle people looking for something new and exciting.

Here’s a quick fashion show featuring five crazy articles of clothing that you can actually buy.

Animal footprint shoes

Credit: TTPM Toy Reviews / YouTube

Bootleggers during prohibition used to wear a pair of cow shoes in order to trick law enforcement and avoid leading police to hidden stills in the woods. It was more function than fashion at the time, but you can buy animal print shoes today if the mood strikes you.

Bear track shoes are more an art piece than practical foot attire, but they’ll make someone think twice when they come across your tracks. And snow stompers with dinosaur tracks on the bottom are a little more practical, but good luck convincing friends and family a dinosaur stomped through the snow around your house.


Credit: Archie McPhee / YouTube

Do you ever get the urge to wear your underpants on your hands as stylish, fingerless gloves? No, of course you don’t, because you’re a sane human being. But that doesn’t mean Handerpants don’t exist.

Handerpants are pretty self-explanatory — they’re underpants for your hands — and they come in either white or black. Describing them as “stylish for any occasion,” might be a bit of a stretch, but if you’re looking for underpants for your hands you need look no further.

Paparazzi-proof clothing

Credit: NerdAlert / YouTube

Paparazzi-proof clothing may be just what you need if you find your days plagued by photographers trying to capture your photo. Granted, not everyone has that problem, but it’s nice to know clothing exists to make going outside when you’re in the spotlight a little less stressful.

The science behind paparazzi-proof suit jackets and hoodies boils down to embedded reflective glass nanospheres bonded to the clothing. When a photographer tries to take a flash photograph of someone wearing paparazzi-proof clothing, the result is a sharp white silhouette of the clothing with practically everything else under-exposed and in shadow.

Piggyback costumes

Credit: Eat Yer Brains / YouTube

Remember how one person’s fashion is another’s Halloween costume? Well, piggyback costumes are one way to turn heads, regardless of the time of year. The idea is to make it look like someone/something is giving you a piggyback.

Here’s a piggyback costume of a dinosaur. Here’s one with a bearded lederhosen-wearing drinking buddy. Here’s another another one with Santa Claus. And here’s one with a teddy bear.

Leggings with any design imaginable

Credit: As/Is / YouTube

Leggings are the new sweatpants as far as out-in-public comfort goes for many women. They’re easy to throw on in a pinch, provide support without being too scandalous, and feel great whether you’re out and about or lounging around at home.

Bare-bones leggings are old news, though. Today, leggings come in all kinds of styles and outrageous patterns, in case you’re looking to up your legging game. Want to fulfill a childhood fantasy? Give mermaid pattern leggings a try. Have a thing for neon colors and symmetrical spirals? Pull on some crazy colored leggings. Lips and eyeballs, M&Ms, or a smorgasbord of cats? You better believe leggings come in those designs.

T-Rex costumes

Credit: American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja / YouTube

They may not be an article of clothing, but T-Rex costumes have taken the internet by storm. Specifically, this T-Rex costume. People have worn them in situations that absolutely don’t call for T-Rex attire, but those situations were made all the better for it.

Here’s a bride wearing one for her first look at her wedding. Here’s another woman wearing one to seduce her husband with a boudoir photoshoot. Here’s a man mowing his lawn in one. And here (and above) is a T-Rex costume-wearing man attempting to complete the American Ninja Warrior course.

Crazy fashion knows no bounds

Entire volumes could be written about the strange fashion pieces and outrageous outfits that you can buy and add to your wardrobe. Just take a look at the crazy clothing at Paris Fashion Week every year, and you’ll either be convinced designers have gone mad or are mad geniuses.

Got an idea for something outlandish but fashionable? There’s a good chance it’s already available for you to buy!

Cover image credit: HomePixel / iStock