Technology is accelerating at an ever-faster rate, and some of the new developments are mind-boggling.

We’re talking about contact lenses with a built-in zoom feature, mirrors that can monitor your health, and even jet packs that could change your daily commute.

Witness the amazing innovation for yourself with these five gadgets that prove that the future is here:

1. Contact lenses that zoom

Credit: mattjeacock/ iStock

Recently, researchers at the University of San Diego detailed a concept for a new design with their paper “A Biomimetic Soft Lens Controlled by Electro Oculographic Signal.”

Don’t be confused by the title. What they’re presenting is a contact lens that allows the eye to zoom in on something. The lens has five electrodes that are placed around the eye, letting the lens zoom when you blink twice. When you do that, a small electrical charge is applied to the lens, making it expand or contract.

This is a continuation of work  started in 2013 but takes it a few steps further with additional features.

2. Mirrors with health monitors

Credit: metamorworks/ iStock

It might seem like something from “The Jetsons,” or more recently “Black Mirror,” but mirrors with health monitors are a very real thing.

These so-called  “smart mirrors” are made by incorporating a digital screen overlay with a mirror that is connected to hardware. It uses a camera and data from various sources to make your mirror a kind of personal assistant.

Based on the connective devices, you can use your mirror for all sorts of tasks. For example, you might collect data via wearables (such as a fitness tracker or smart watch) to track your health.

Or, you might outfit your mirror so that it could offer up headlines, display your calendar, or bring up reminders. Smart mirrors could also do things like help you preview potential outfits!

3. Rocket belt

Credit: KrisCole/ iStock

According to Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana, creator of the Rocket Belt, their invention is “the most spectacular flying machine ever developed, period!”

It’s a personal propulsion device that can be strapped on like a backpack and lets you fly or leap over small rivers or ravines and land upright. Maybe it could take you over six lanes of traffic and speed up your morning commute too?

The Rocket Belt is available in a variety of setups to suit any pilot’s weight and proportions, and it includes multiple valve controls and flow rates so you can personalize your speed. The company also offers hands-on training for how to use your Rocket Belt, and expert support is available 24/7.

4. Disappearing TV screens

Credit: wuttichaijangrab/ iStock

Binge-watching streaming video is one of modern life’s great pleasures. But once the credits roll, wouldn’t it be nice to roll up that big screen too?

Not long ago, LG debuted a prototype for a rollable TV. This year, they’re bringing it to market via the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV. While it’s an expensive unit, it’s also pretty impressive.

With the press of a button, the TV will descend slowly into a base, where it coils into itself until you’re ready to unroll it for your next viewing experience.

5. Voice-powered toilets

Credit: yampi/ Shutterstock

“Alexa, flush!” might be the wave of the future. Recently, Kohler debuted the Numi Toilet, and it’s loaded with tech-savvy features.

Among them? A heated seat, a bidet and dryer, and an Alexa hook-up. Yes, that means that you can command other gadgets in the house — set your thermostat, listen to music, or even flush the toilet — all by voice command.

As if that weren’t enough, it’s equipped with colored LED lights, so you can really enjoy an immersive, ambient experience on the porcelain throne.