Charlie Chaplin's name is synonymous with the age of silent films and early talkies. Everyone has seen the movies with the funny little man with the tiny mustache, but not everyone knows that Charlie Chaplin was much more than just that. He lived a true rags-to-riches story, having risen above a childhood of poverty and workhouses to become one of the most-recognized Hollywood legends of all time. Here are five things you didn't know about him that will make you want to go back and rewatch some of his films.

He was a bit of a perfectionist

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Well, maybe more a bit more than "a bit." Although he played a lot of goofy-looking characters in his films, Charlie Chaplin was actually very intense on set. He wanted things exactly the way he envisioned them in his mind, with some people even saying that he would have preferred to act in a movie where he was the only character, just so that he could control everything. One example of his (perhaps excessive) perfectionism was when he hired actress Virginia Cherrill to say one line for his 1931 movie, City Lights. The line was simply "Flower, sir?" but he made her repeat it 342 times before he was satisfied.

He was a composer

In a less exhausting example of his having a hand in every part of the making of his movies, Charlie Chaplin also composed the music for many of his films, beginning in 1931 with City Lights. For his later film, Modern Times, he composed a song titled "Smile," which quickly became beloved all over the world; it went on to be recorded by such greats as Nat King Cole and Michael Jackson. Chaplin even won an Oscar for the theme music he composed for Limelight, making it his only Oscar that was not honorary or for his career as a whole.

There is a planet named after him

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Charlie Chaplin became so famous over the course of his life that he came to have a planet named after him. This small planet, discovered by a Russian astronomer named L.G. Karachkina in 1981, was named in his memory. Its official name is (3623) Chaplin, and it has been observed and researched by astronomers many times in the more than 30 years since its discovery.

He couldn't win a look-alike contest

In 1915, Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest on a lark... and didn't win. The judges and the audience were unaware that the real Charlie Chaplin was among the contestants, and they didn't believe that he looked enough like the real one to win the contest. He did win third place, though, so at least he looked somewhat like himself!

He was held for ransom after his death

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Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas day in 1977 and was buried in an oak coffin in Corsier, Switzerland, where he moved after being controversially exiled from the United States for his political beliefs. Just a few months later, in March of 1978, his body was stolen. Shortly after, the men who stole the body called Chaplin's widow, Oona, and demanded a $600,000 ransom to return it. Oona refused to pay, saying that "Charlie would have thought it rather ridiculous." After several attempts by the police to lure the ransomers into a trap, they finally caught them by tapping Oona's phone and having policemen watch nearly 200 different phone booths so they would be there to catch the grave robbers once they traced them. When they arrested the two criminals (who had been mechanics by trade), they led them to Chaplin's body, which they had buried in a corn field not far from the place where they had stolen it.