After a long day, there’s nothing better putting on comfy pants and heading to the kitchen for a pint. No, not for a pint of beer — a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Since 1978, the legendary Vermont ice cream makers have been producing some of the wildest, most delicious flavors of any manufacturer. Currently, there are more than 60 flavors to choose from, but not every option have stood the test of time. Here are six flavors that have been retired to ice cream heaven.

Wavy Gravy

Carmel, cashew ice cream on a wooden cutting board
Credit: Rimma Bondarenko/ Shutterstock

Wavy Gravy is an entertainer, comedian, and clown known for participating in the original 1969 Woodstock Festival. In 1993, Ben & Jerry’s decided to commemorate the legend with his very own flavor of ice cream. The result was a very nutty concoction of caramel and cashew ice cream with hazelnut fudge swirl and roasted almonds on top. The flavor had a long run but was eventually retired in 2001. It was temporarily resurrected from the ice cream graveyard by the fans in 2005, but then went back into retirement.

Vermonty Python

Chocolate coffee ice cream in a mug
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What could be more ridiculous than the "Monty Python" movies? Perhaps, a pint of ice cream with their namesake attached! For two years between 2006 and 2008, Vermonty Python could be found on grocery shelves all over the country. It was a coffee liqueur ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumb swirl and fudge cows. That’s right, fudge cows. Even fitting an entire cow made of fudge into a single pint of ice cream is somehow still less ridiculous than some of the antics in "Monty Python."

Stack of large oatmeal cookies on a white tablecloth, showing interior and details
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What started out as a limited release in 2003 became a fan favorite and enjoyed a full production run from 2004 to 2014. Oatmeal Cookie Chunk featured sweet cream cinnamon ice cream with oatmeal cookies and fudge chunks. So, why would such a popular flavor get discontinued?

Unfortunately, the supplier of the delicious oatmeal cookies used to make the ice cream went out of business. After looking high and low, Ben & Jerry’s just couldn’t find a suitable replacement and decided to discontinue the flavor — much to the dismay of ice cream eaters everywhere.

Holy Cannoli

Several cannoli placed on a plate showing chocolate and sweet cream filling
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Released in 1997, this sweet treat made of creamy ricotta and pistachio ice cream with chocolate-covered cannolis and roasted pistachios filled the freezer isles of grocery stores everywhere. Although it sounds just as delicious as the Italian treats, somehow Holy Cannoli didn’t live up to expectations. The flavor was discontinued the following year due to low sales. It was resurrected as a limited release in 2012 to decent acclaim but was never returned to full production status. It remains in the Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard — for now.


Gingerbread cookies next to an ice cream cone
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Festivus: the flavor for the rest of us. This brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with gingerbread cookies and a ginger-caramel swirl was a limited release flavor during the 2001 and 2002 holiday seasons. The flavor was named after the holiday made famous in the TV series “Seinfeld.” If you’re upset about not being able to try this delicious flavor, you’ll just have to wait for the holiday season so you can “air your grievances.”

Schweddy Balls

Fudge and cookies ice cream in cones

In one of the shortest production runs of any Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Schweddy Balls was released as a limited edition holiday batch in 2011. Since then, fans of the flavor can only dream about enjoying some Schweddy Balls.

The flavor was borne of the famous 1998 “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which Pete Schweddy (played by Alec Baldwin) talked about his delicious Schweddy Balls — a holiday dessert — on the radio. Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls is plain vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum loaded with fudge-covered rum and malt balls.