While the basic tools of baking have remained consistent for centuries, modern technology continues to evolve, and the modern kitchen does along with it. This means that new tools that you can use on your next baking project are coming out all the time. Here are seven obscure baking gizmos that belong in your kitchen – or at least on a wedding registry!

Adjustable rolling pin

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A good rolling pin is an essential tool in any baker’s kitchen. The adjustable rolling pin improves on this kitchen staple with removable discs to help you roll dough to a precise and uniform thickness. The rolling pin also has measurements etched into the wood so you won’t have to scramble to find a ruler ever again.

Butter cutter

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One of the most popular new kitchen gadgets, the butter cutter is becoming a staple in the modern baker’s kitchen. Made of plastic and equipped with a stainless-steel blade, this one-click contraption dispenses tablespoons of butter something like an upside-down Pez dispenser.

The butter cutter is easy to use and eliminates the need to handle butter yourself. It can be stored in the refrigerator and is dishwasher-safe. The butter cutter is not only a great tool to have in the kitchen but is also handy at the table to get butter to your guests’ plates.

Fridge pad for iPad

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The fridge pad for iPad is an excellent tool to have the next time you find a baking idea online that you want to try. Skip the hassle of having to pull out your phone or keep your iPad out of the mess on the counter by using the fridge pad to keep your iPad where you can see it. Slam-proof magnetic attachments keep your iPad safe from falling and easy to access. The fridge pad also rotates 360 degrees so you can switch between landscape and portrait mode—a useful feature if you are watching a video that accompanies the recipe.

Slip-on bowl spouts

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Reduce the mess made from transferring mixing materials from bowl to bowl with silicon slip-on bowl spouts. These simple attachments fit onto pots, pans, and mixing bowls so you can keep everything clean and organized. They also make pouring much more accurate if you need to pour a precise amount.

Silicone bowls

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Another great item to have in your baking toolkit are actual bowls made from silicone. These flexible bowls also help transfer mixing materials with less mess and are more versatile than regular bowls. Silicone bowls can be safely put in the freezer and in the oven. They are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Mini non-contact thermometer

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A small infrared thermometer helps you further reduce the mess by giving you a way to measure the temperatures of your baked goods without ever touching the food. A non-contact thermometer can measure temperatures within three degrees Fahrenheit, and the small size means it will fit anywhere in your kitchen and travels well.

Three-tier oven rack

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If you want to bake multiple items in your oven at the same time you can run into a space problem. The three-tiered oven rack helps maximize the vertical space available in your oven so you can complete multiple projects simultaneously.

There are tons of other great new tools for cooking food that doesn’t necessarily need to be baked: avocado slicers, finger guards, tofu presses, and sushi rollers all make a great addition to the modern kitchen. With a little bit of research, you can find a tool that will help you cook the meal of your dreams.

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