The side hustle is all the rage these days, but it’s not just for the average person. Despite their hectic and glamorous lives in the spotlight, many celebrities have additional part-time jobs and hobbies to keep them busy between movies and concerts. Did you know about these unexpected celebrity side gigs?


Beekeeper holding honeycomb full of bees
Credit: kosolovskyy/ Shutterstock

The bass player for the popular rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers is an interesting character. Not only does he go by the name Flea, but he’s also an amateur beekeeper who raises over 200,000 insects in his back yard. The musician loves posting pictures of his honeybees to his social media accounts and calls his apiary “Flea’s bees.”

Rob Lowe

Person putting lotion in their hands
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When he’s not smoldering on screen, he’s helping other men smolder off it. In 2016, actor and heartthrob Rob Lowe launched his own brand of men’s cosmetics and skin care solutions. His PROFILE collection includes fragrances, hydrating facial cleansers, moisturizers, and shave gels specifically designed for men’s skin.

Willie Nelson

Person holding glass beaker of liquid substance
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In 2004, after his wife bought a diesel car, legendary folk singer-songwriter Willie Nelson decided to diversify his portfolio and start making biodiesel for a more environmentally friendly way to travel. BioWillie was founded in Dallas, Texas, and was sold in 13 stations and truck stops around the area. He even fueled his tour bus using his own biodiesel.

Aretha Franklin

Plate of baked chicken, toast, chips and greens
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Aretha Franklin was one of the biggest names in music during her decades-long career, eventually reaching the rank of royalty as the Queen of Soul. What many people might not know is that her rule over soul didn’t stop at music. In 2016, Franklin was gearing up to launch her own brand of soul food that would include baked chicken, gumbo, chili, and pies. It was rumored that the move to soul food was a shot at her rival, Patti LaBelle.

Nick Offerman

Person measuring piece of wood with tools laying nearby
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When he’s not playing a woodworker on screen, he’s playing one in real life. While Nick Offerman is most famous for his role as the legendary Ron Swanson on the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” he is also an accomplished woodworker who operates the Offerman Wood Shop that makes home décor, furniture, and canoes. He’s even been featured on popular decorating shows like “Ask This Old House.”

Bill Murray

Baseball sitting on pitchers mound
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Bill Murray is one of the most popular and lovable actors in history. Besides making people laugh, he also enjoys baseball. Murray is the co-owner of two minor league teams — the St. Paul Saints and the Charleston RiverDogs. For the RiverDogs, his official title is “Director of Fun.” Merging his two passions of baseball and entertaining, Murray is known for playing jokes at the games. Hijinks include taking tickets at the main gate for Saints games and comedically attempting to bribe umpires at RiverDog games.

Tony Bennett

Row of paint brushes
Credit: yannispap/ Unsplash

Crooner by night, painter by day. As a child, Tony Bennett fell in love with art. One of his first career choices was to become a painter, but instead he decided to become one of the most influential singers in the history of music. But when he wasn’t on the stage, he continued his love of painting. Today, his paintings are known worldwide.

Bennett isn’t alone in his love of painting. Other famous celebrity painters include Lucy Liu, Marilyn Manson, Jim Carrey, Bob Dylan, and the late, great David Bowie.

Justin Timberlake

Laptop computer to multiple social media icons
Credit:nordwood/ Unsplash

After his wild success in 'N Sync and as a solo artist, Justin Timberlake decided it was time to branch out even further. In 2011, he bought the social media company MySpace for $35 million in an attempt to resurrect it. Although the site was rebranded and the company was reconfigured, it never took off the way that he had hoped. By 2016, the site was sold again to its new owner, but for five years, Justin Timberlake owned his very own social media platform. Considering Timberlake also starred in the Facebook-origin movie "The Social Network," maybe this move wasn't that surprising, after all.

Steve Martin

Person playing the banjo with guitar player in the background
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When he’s not making everyone laugh in his movies and stand-up specials, comedian and actor Steve Martin enjoys making people boogie-down with his award-winning banjo playing. Martin has been playing banjo for decades and is a regular with the bluegrass band The Steep Canyon Rangers. He has even won Grammy awards for his incredible playing and has played with other legendary acts like Kermit the Frog.