Elbow grease is overrated. We're humans. We're tool makers. And if a there's an accessible, affordable product that can make scrubbing grimy bathrooms and kitchens easier, then there's no shame in using it.

That tool exists, and it's the power drill that you already own. Or more specifically, it's the Drillbrush attachments you can add to it for just $15.

Available in six different colors that correspond to different levels of bristle stiffness, all three included brushes feature 1/4" quick change shafts that will slot into any drill just like a normal drill bit. Once you're locked and loaded, just pull the trigger and start scrubbing. It beats grinding your fingers down to the bone and straining your elbow ligaments to scrub by hand, and it'll let you get your cleaning done faster so you can move onto something fun (or, more realistically, some other chore).

If you aren't sure which one to buy, start with the yellow, green, or blue. Their bristles are all the same, medium stiffness; they're just color coded for different rooms so you don't cross-contaminate different cleaning supplies. The soft white version is great for upholstery and leather that you don't want to scratch, the reds are stiff enough for sidewalks and siding, and the ultra-stiff black brushes can even stand up to a dirty grill grate.

Whichever set you choose, you'll get three brushes for around $15: 4" and 2" circular brushes, plus a 3.5" brush with bristles on every side that's great for tight corners.

Drillbrush Sets  | Amazon

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