If you've ever been envious of a friend or family members's under-cabinet kitchen lighting, there's an easy way to get the same look without calling an electrician.

The Luminoodle Click costs less than $20, comes in two different color temperatures (daylight and warm white), and is essentially a completely self contained under-cabinet lighting solution. The LED strip lights can install under your cabinets, in your pantry, or around the doorframe of your closet in a matter of seconds with the built-in adhesive, and they turn on or off with the press of an extremely large and easy-to-find button, which also holds the strip's three AA batteries.

Each Luminoodle Click strand is 3' long, and features 18 evenly spaced LEDs to provide a natural, more consistent light than you'd get from individual stick-on lights. And if 3' is too long for a given cabinet section, you can even cut the strip down to length without destroying it.

Luminoodle Click obviously isn't the only product that promises to provide a high-end accent light look without running any wires, but its simplicity is the virtue that sets it apart. There's no remote that you have to keep track of. There's no app you have to download. There are no motion sensors you have to wave your hand in front of. There's just a big, chunky button that you press to turn the strip on and off.

Our only advice? Buy some rechargeable AA batteries to go with it, and maybe a battery organizer to keep track of them.

Luminoodle Click

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