Whether you're assembling a bookcase from IKEA or building an entire addition to your house, one thing is true of nearly any DIY project: loose nails, screws, and bolts. Which is why one inexpensive addition to your toolbox will give you home improvement super powers: a magnetic wristband.

Magnetic wristbands are widely available on Amazon, but almost all of them wrap around your wrist and attach with Velcro, and have multiple strong magnets sewn inside. About to hammer a bunch of nails? Stick them all to the wristband! Taking apart a gadget and don't want to lose track of the screws? Attach them to your wrist! Putting together a new piece of furniture and don't want to keep digging through the bag of parts? You get the idea!

The best also feature small pockets to hold tools like allen wrenches, drywall anchors, and precision screwdrivers that aren't magnetized.

The point here is that some jobs call for a hammer. Others for a drill. Others for a saw. But this cheap piece of wristwear will make any project just a little bit easier, and ought to be in every tool kit.

Magnetic Wristband | ~$15

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