In a perfect world, every power plug on every device would be a uniform size, and those ungainly, oversized plugs that block multiple outlets would be a thing of the past. But since we’re clearly a long way from that utopia, you’ll have to settle for these short extension cords in the meantime.

At just a foot each, Etekcity’s absurdly popular cords are extension cords only in name. But they’re long enough to let you move those oversized plugs out of the way, and keep all of the outlets on your surge protectors available. Just plug that awkwardly sized power supply into one end, and then plug the other into a wall outlet or power strip. It’s a dead-simple solution to a problem that bedevils us all.

At just about $20 for a 10-pack, you’ll likely have a few spares that you can throw into your extension cord drawer until the next time a new modem or DVR curses your home theater cord management with a plug that looks like a Tetris piece. Or, just loan a couple out to a friend if you want to blow their mind.

10-Pack Etekcity Mini Extension Cords | Amazon

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