There's no such thing as a truly off-leash park for dogs. Sure, there are plenty of green spaces where you can let your dog run free in a wide orbit around you while you enjoy a hike, but what happens when someone else's aggressive dog is bounding towards you? Or what if your pet takes a sudden interest in some dangerous wildlife? You need to be able to leash your dog on a moment's notice, and the Nite Ize RadDog is best collar for the job, because it has the leash built right in.

Available in four sizes, the RadDog clips around your dog's neck just like any other collar, albeit one with a slightly bulbous pouch on one side. Just grab onto the small handle sticking out of the pouch, and you'll have instant control over a 3' retractable leash to keep your dog safe and close by your side. You can't control the length of the Raddog leash like you can with a dedicated retractable leash, but at 3', it's short enough that it barely matters.

The RadDog isn't meant as an everyday leash given its short length, but since it includes a standard metal clip for your regular leash, it can be your pet's everyday collar. For regular walks around the neighborhood, the built-in leash can be a nice backup to grab onto if you drop your regular leash, or you can use it for a quick potty break if you can't find your standalone leash.

But even if you only clip on the Nite Ize RadDog for off-leash hikes, it's worth every penny to not have to carry a leash around with you.

Nite Ize RadDog Collar With Retractable Leash

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