For as long as there are people, there will be music. The year of 2018 saw a few new faces and a number of continued behemoth careers among the top albums of 2018 in the United States and United Kingdom. This year’s pop charts were especially big for hip-hop, British singer-songwriters, and soundtracks.

10. Eminem – “Kamikaze”

Twenty years since the smash debut of his Slim Shady EP, Marshall Mathers is still going strong on the music charts. His latest album, Kamikaze, reunited him with former mentor Dr. Dre, and it also features his single "Venom," from the hit movie of the same name released in 2018.

9. Dua Lipa – “Dua Lipa”

English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa released her first single in 2015 after being signed with Warner Music Group. June 2017 saw the debut of her first studio album, a self-titled work. Lipa quickly collaborated with big names like Calvin Harris before winning multiple Grammys.

8. Michael Buble – “Love”

Canadian crooner Michael Buble continued his worldwide acclaim with his tenth studio album Love. The commercial success of his latest album comes on the heels of his son’s struggle with liver cancer and conflicting reports of his impending retirement. In spite of personal tragedy, Buble persists as an icon for love songs.

7. A Star is Born (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bradley Cooper made his directorial debut in 2018 with his remake of A Star is Born, in which he starred alongside Lady Gaga. In addition to multiple Academy Award nominations, A Star is Born made major waves with its soundtrack, with lead single "Shallow" winning a Grammy award.

6. Post Malone – “Beerbongs & Bentleys”

The year 2018 was a bit of a mixed bag for budding hip hop star and songwriter Post Malone. His second studio album Beerbongs & Bentleys propelled his fame to new heights, even landing his 2016 record “Stoney” as another top-selling record of the year. His personal life, however, was less charmed, as it was marked by an emergency plane-landing, car crash, and break-in at his old home.

5. Drake – “Scorpion”

Post wasn’t the only one who had a bumpy year alongside commercial success. Canadian actor-turned-hip hop icon Drake topped charts with his double album “Scorpion.” However, the album's acclaim came on the heels of controversy, as Drake’s feud with rival Pusha T unearthed news of the rapper’s previously concealed illegitimate son conceived from an adult entertainer.

4. “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The sequel to the 2008 musical hit Mamma Mia! hit the silver screen with all the fanfare and harmonic mirth of the original. The financial success of the first installment had Universal Pictures interested in a sequel for years until it was announced in 2017. In addition to major box office numbers and critical acclaim, the motion picture soundtrack dominated music charts.

3. Ed Sheeran – “Divide”

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran had one of the most lucrative years of any single star on the charts. In addition to taking the top spot for gross income from concert tours, Sheeran’s third studio album Divide started off his return from a hiatus with stellar chart performance, topping charts and landing at number three for the entire year.

2. George Ezra – “Staying at Tamara’s”

In 2018, burgeoning British star George Ezra blasted charts with his second studio album, Staying at Tamara’s. The deep-voiced Brit continues to pull in numbers since he first came into the limelight in 2013. In fact, his second album was actually the top-selling studio album by an individual artist in 2018.

1. "The Greatest Showman” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

And the winner is… The Greatest Showman! The 2017 American musical drama was widely celebrated for its award-winning original soundtrack. Alongside Grammy, Academy Award, and Golden Globe nominations, The Greatest Showman took the charts by storm with its original soundtrack as the gold medalist of best albums of 2018.