We all have a battery drawer. That overstuffed drawer in our kitchen or office where we toss our loose batteries alongside spare rubber bands, thumbtacks, paper clips, and pens we accidentally stole from the dentist. And as we all know, the one battery you need at any given time is always going to be the hardest one to find in the drawer.

Friends, there's a better way.

The Battery Organizer is one of the world's great unitaskers, designed for the express purpose of making sense of your battery collection. The box has designated slots for all the AAs, AAAs, Cs, Ds, 9Vs, and even watch batteries you own (up to 93 in total), and it even comes with a built-in battery tester to help you weed out the dead ones without having to put them in your TV remote to test them. And yes, the whole thing is still slim enough to fit inside your battery drawer, or if you so choose, you can mount it to a wall like a prize trophy.

The Battery Organizer | $20 | Amazon

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