Time doesn’t always feel like it’s on your side. Things can get hectic occasionally, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

While there’s no magic pill to make you less busy, there are ways that you can manage your time with more efficiency. Productivity apps can be incorporated into your busy lifestyle and are available on the go. Here are the best productivity apps of 2019:


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Ah, the humble to-do list. It’s the gateway that helps you map the journey from here to there. But making a to-do list with pencil and paper can be hard to track and tedious to edit and maintain.

ToDoist helps you harness the power of technology to make your to-do list easy to make and manage. So far, it has 10 million users and counting.

Using ToDoist is easy. You start by writing down the tasks you need to get done, then the app can help you categorize the tasks. It’s smart. For example, if you were to write “Lunch #meeting with Client X at 1 p.m.,” it will schedule it into your list and send you a handy reminder.

With ToDoist, your to-do list can be shared, too. You can use the app to keep an entire work group or team on the same page, allowing you to plan tasks, delegate, ask questions, and keep track of milestone dates for projects.

ToDoist has a free basic version and paid versions that include expanded features that may be well suited to workplaces or teams.



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If your method of using sticky notes to monitor projects and deadlines isn’t working so well, consider Trello. This project management app is like the digital equivalent of Post-it Notes, with a highly visual, very intuitive platform.

Big projects can be broken down into bite-sized tasks with “cards.” These cards can be arranged in columns for different stages of a project. For instance, if you have a blog post, there might be a column for the writer’s first draft, a column for editing, and a column for SEO optimization, and one for publishing. The card can be dragged from one column to the next as the project progresses.

Trello offers a free version, with premium paid plans available with greater functionality.



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In spite of the app’s name, Slack actually helps you avoid slacking and can increase productivity. It’s beloved by many. The company, while still fairly young, is currently valued at more than $7 billion. Among its many fans and users? Big corporations like E*Trade and Target.

Slack is a productivity and communication app that makes it easy to collaborate with a team, even when members might be scattered across the globe. No more miles-long email threads that get lost in your inbox!

When you use Slack, communications between your team are organized and, even more importantly, can be searched. It’s kind of like an open conversation; you can chime in or duck out when appropriate.

Slack offers an alternative to email, but it offers so much more. You can toggle into video chats as well as share files like documents or images. You can also integrate other programs like Dropbox and Google Drive to maximize productivity.

You can try Slack for free, with paid plans available as well.



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Where does the time go? Toggl can help you answer that age-old question.

This intuitive time tracking app can be used across a variety of devices, so you can use it on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. That means that no matter what you’re working on and where you’re doing it, you can keep track of your time spent.

It comes loaded with handy features including a gentle reminder when you’ve accidentally left the app open too long and the ability to see reports detailing how you spent your time. This offers some valuable insight as to your productivity and can help you make adjustments to be even more effective at what you do.

For freelancers, time tracking is vital, and a tool like Toggl can help you stay on track.

Toggl is available for free, with a premium version available.


Ready to get productive?

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These apps can help you streamline your work and personal projects by managing your time. Who couldn’t use a little extra time to enjoy life?