It can be tough to find the right gear to mail back an online return, send out a product you sold on eBay or Etsy, or just mail a care package to a loved one, but a recently released product from Scotch combines almost all of your packaging needs into a single roll.

Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll

Scotch's Flex & Seal shipping roll is a single product that takes the place of bubble wrap, mailing envelopes, and even packing tape. Just unroll it enough to cover whatever you're mailing roughly twice over (similar to how you'd measure out wrapping paper for a gift), cut off a sheet of the material with scissors, fold it over the contents of your package, and firmly press on the sides to seal it shut.

The thick, bubble wrap-like material provides padding, the inside of the roll sticks to itself for a tight seal (without sticking to whatever it is you're mailing), and the tear-proof, water resistant outer shell acts as a rugged envelope to keep your package safe. I recently used it to mail an old Apple Watch that I sold online, and it kept the watch safe from damage, no box or added padding required.

There's no need to find the right size box, scour your trash can for old bubble wrap, or figure out where you left that roll of packing tape; the entire shipping roll is self contained. Just affix a shipping label (perhaps from a dedicated label printer, if you do this often), stick it in your mailbox or the nearest dropbox, and cross that oft-annoying chore off your to-do list.

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