The internet is an essential part of the daily lives of billions of people—4.1 billion internet users worldwide, in fact. As a critical part of modern society, the number of websites in the world increases each and every day. As of December 2018, there are about 1.9 billion websites that people visit for information, communication, social networking, online education, and much more. The seemingly endless trove of websites available to visit are crowned by these seven, which were  2018's mos visited.

1. Google

Credit: tomch / iStock
  • Monthly total visits: 42.46 billion
  • Category: Search engine
  • Country: United States

Without a doubt, Google is the top website in the world. Millions of people from all over the globe visit Google every day. Apart from its search function, Google can perform tasks that include translation, conversion, and calculation.  

2. YouTube

Credit: Prykhodov / istock
  • Monthly total visits: 23.35 billion
  • Category: Video
  • Country: United States

Many people are big fans of this top website. Learning is more comfortable, accessible, and retained more efficiently by watching and listening to a video. YouTube users from around the world watch all kinds of videos, from tutorials to music to vlogs—and of course, cats singing and silly slow-mo antics. People spend an average of two hours a day watching videos on YouTube.

3. Facebook

Credit: bombuscreative / iStock
  • Monthly total visits: 22.30 billion
  • Category: Social network
  • Country: United States

Facebook changed the landscape of social networking. Despite its prohibition in some countries like Iran, North Korea, and some parts of China, the website still receives over 1 billion visits daily. Facebook has become a site many people use for both business and leisure.

4. Baidu

Credit: Fentino / iStock

  • Monthly total visits: 10.45 billion
  • Category: Search engine
  • Country: China

Baidu is the Chinese version of Google and fourth in the list of top websites in 2018. It is the second-largest search engine in the world behind Google. According to SimilarWeb, people spend at least 7.37 minutes a day on Baidu, and it has a market share of 76.05 percent in China.

5. Yahoo

Credit: Remus Kotsell / iStock
  • Monthly total visits: 4.59 billion
  • Category: Search engine
  • Country: United States

One may have thought that Yahoo was gone because of stiff competition from Google. However, the company is still expanding and going strong. Over the last few years, Yahoo has embarked on an innovation initiative to drive traffic and keep its place in the search-engine industry.

6. Instagram

Credit: alexsl / iStock
  • Monthly total visits: 2.67 billion
  • Category: Social network
  • Country: United States

Statistics as of January 2018 demonstrate that 64 percent of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram. The popularity and acceptance of Instagram has grown since 2012 when Facebook acquired the photo-sharing app.

7. Twitter

Credit: bombuscreative / istock


  • Monthly total visits: 3.92 billion
  • Category: Social network
  • Country: United States

Though its popularity has dropped, Twitter still ranks as a most-visited website of 2018. The social network still appeals to hundreds of million users daily.