We live in a world where celebrities and business leaders can amass incredible amounts of wealth. But what about their pets? There are some animals of means as well. From lucky investors to hardworking stars of the screen, here are some of the richest celebrity pets from around the world.

Gunther IV

Credit: SashaFoxWalters / iStock

Estimated worth: $375 million

The richest animal in the world comes from a good family. Gunther IV, a German Shepherd dog, inherited his millions from his father, Gunther III. Gunther III, in turn, was left his money by the Countess Karlotta Leibenstein. The Countess left Gunther III $106 million, which trustees then invested. By the time Gunther IV was ready to invest the money, the worth of the gift had grown to over $300 million. Gunther IV is now worth $375 million.

Grumpy Cat

Credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com

Estimated worth: $99.5 million

The late, great Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, proves that being famous on the internet really is worth something. The cat’s famously dour expression made Grumpy Cat one of world’s first big meme celebrities. Since the cat’s disapproving scowl went viral, there has been a film made about him and an impressive amount of merchandise sold. Sadly, Grumpy Cat passed away in May 2019, but the cat’s net worth is estimated at $99.5 million.

Olivia Benson

Credit: User10095428_393 / iStock

Estimated worth: $97 million

Hanging out with a Grammy-winning singer seems to come with some financial perks as well. Taylor Swift’s Scottish fold cat is the third richest pet in the world, worth an estimated $97 million. However, Olivia Benson — named for the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character portrayed by Mariska Hargitay — doesn’t just expect a handout. She has starred alongside Swift in advertisements for Keds and Diet Coke.

Lauren, Luke, Layla, Sadie, and Sunny

Credit: jonathandavidsteele / iStock

Estimated worth: $30 million

These five dogs all belong to Oprah Winfrey, who has set up a trust fund for them if anything should ever happen to her. Oprah spends a lot of time with her dogs and personally trained all five. Layla and Luke are golden retrievers, Lauren and Sunny are springer spaniels and Sadie is a cocker spaniel. Together, they are worth $30 million.


Credit: Moonborne / Shutterstock.com

Estimated worth: $15 million

The richest bird in the world is Gigoo, a Scotts dumpy chicken. The chicken was the pet of U.K. publisher Miles Blackwell. When Miles retired from the publishing world, he dedicated the rest of his life to raising hens and sheep in the country. When he passed away, he divided his wealth among multiple charities but was sure to set aside $15 million for his favorite chicken.


Credit: Jasmin Bauer / iStock

Estimated worth: $15 million

The luckiest stray black cat in the world, Tommasino was adopted by a wealthy Italian woman named Maria Assunta. When Maria passed away, she left her entire estate to Tommasino, whose total net worth is $15 million.


Credit: magdasmith / iStock

Estimated worth: $15 million

Blackie once held the distinction of being the Guinness Book of World Records wealthiest cat. Blackie inherited his wealth from Ben Rea, a British antiques dealer. While Grumpy Cat, Taylor Swift's kitty Olivia Benson, and Tommasino may have since eclipsed Blackie as the world’s most well-off felines, Blackie was at one point worth a respectable $15 million.


Credit: galina-kovalenko / iStock

Estimated worth: $11.4 million

Sometimes called the Queen of Miami, this one-pound chihuahua has a $3 million trust fund and an $8.4 million mansion to her name, putting her net worth at $11.4 million. Conchita was left this fortune by Gail Posner, but unfortunately this gift was at the center of a protracted struggle over the will. It seems that Gail left her son only $1 million, which led him to contest the inheritance.