For football fans, Tom Brady needs no introduction. A six-time Super Bowl winner currently with the New England Patriots, Brady is considered to be among the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history—but we know that already. Here, let’s look at a few Brady facts you might not know.

His arm is a cannon

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Okay, as one of the most successful QBs on the planet, this one’s no secret. But did you know that Brady is one of only 13 QBs in NFL history to pull off a 99-yard pass play? Of course, Brady himself admits that Wes Welker deserves more of the credit for that particular play, but given that Brady is currently ranked 4th in the entire NFL history for total passing yards, we’d say his throwing arm helped a little.

He used to play baseball

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Speaking of Brady’s throwing arm… you know how they say some people are just natural athletes? Tom Brady is one such individual, having an impressive high school baseball career that nearly landed him a spot on the roster for the Montreal Expos. Press clippings from those days describe his .311 batting average, exceptional arm strength, and intuitive understanding of strategy—many elements that he would become known for in his future football career.

His skill runs in the family

Sure, Tom Brady is a natural athlete—but he’s not the only one. His supernatural aptitude for sports must run in the family when you consider the impressive athletic credentials of his three older sisters: Maureen, Julie, and Nancy. Though overshadowed by Tom’s world-record career, the “Brady ladies” were respectable athletes in their own right, each earning athletic scholarships to college after high school. The oldest of the three, Maureen, was even good enough to qualify for the U.S. Junior Olympic softball team at 17 and still teaches to this day.

His age isn’t a setback

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Fresh off his most recent victory in Super Bowl LIII in 2019, Tom Brady has proven once again that age isn’t a factor when you have skill to spare. Brady was 41 in LIII, making him the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. He also bears the distinction of being the oldest player in NFL history to receive the Super Bowl MVP award and the league MVP award, making a clear case that age isn’t everything in the pro sports game.  

His record isn’t pristine

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If you followed the 2014-2015 NFL playoffs and its resultant controversy, you’re already familiar with “Deflategate.” If you didn’t, here’s the rundown:

Back in early 2015, the Patriots were set to square off against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game. And square off they did, with the Patriots winning 45-7. But shortly after the game, rumors started circulating that the Patriots had supplied under-inflated footballs to give themselves a strategic advantage. The reports escalated, and eventually, a commission was formed to investigate the issue.

The result? A guilty verdict for several Patriots employees, as well as for Tom Brady himself, who was aware of the efforts to deflate the footballs against NFL policy. The Patriots were forced to pay $1 million in fines, with Brady suspended for four games.

He likes his junk food...

Not many quarterbacks at Brady’s level can eat junk food before games and get away with it, and as it turns out, Brady can’t either. In previous interviews, he has looked back fondly on his early career as a fourth-string QB, reminiscing about nachos before games and generally taking a laid-back approach to the sport; a mindset that doesn’t gel with his current responsibilities as a starter.  

...but his diet restricts it

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The nacho-munching Brady of 2000 is gone. The Brady of Super Bowl history follows a rigorous diet designed to optimize his performance and reduce inflammation. According to Brady and his personal chef, the superstar’s diet is quite severe: No alcohol, coffee, flour, bread, white sugar, cooking oils, soy, artificial sweeteners, packaged foods, salty snacks, or high-fructose corn syrup.

This all sounds reasonable until you hear that he also avoids things like tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, and dairy. Brady claims his diet is one reason for his longevity in the game, and while some of the health claims behind it are dubious, there’s no arguing with his results.