Do you love food? Then prepare to feast your eyes on some incredible food feats for the ages.

From the largest pizza in the world to an unfathomable amount of tacos eaten in just minutes to a massive M&M mosaic, these unbelievable world records about food are bound to blow your mind... and make you very hungry.

Pizza! Pizza!

Giant pizza on a dark table
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Do you feel like you could eat pizza every single day for the rest of your life? The world’s biggest pizza could feed you for that long; we just hope you have a very large freezer for leftovers.

In 2012, Rome's NIPfood prepared the largest pizza in the world. This beyond-jumbo pie had a surface area topping 13,000 square feet— to put that in perspective, a spacious two-bedroom apartment might be 1,000 square feet. The pizza was nicknamed “Ottavia” after the first Roman emperor, Octavian Augustus. Oh, and in case you were wondering, it was 100% gluten-free.

Burrito bonanza

Close up on a cheesy burrito
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Ever feel like you wanted to eat your weight in burritos? Even on your hungriest day ever, you probably couldn’t put a dent in the world’s largest burrito.

The current record holder for world’s largest burrito was set in 2010. Fifty-four restaurants and 3,000 volunteers worked for nine hours to create this behemoth of a burrito, which was filled with fish, onion, chiles, and refried beans. The finished product weighed over 2 tons and measured over a mile long. How much for extra guac?

Let’s taco bout it

A stack of hard shell tacos
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Even if you’re famous among your friends for being a bottomless taco pit, you probably don’t hold a candle to professional eater Joey Chestnut, who holds 46 world records in competitive eating.

In 2018, Chestnut set a new record for taco eating. In a mere eight minutes, he consumed 126 tacos. Not only did this win him street credibility at taco trucks, but he also took home a $2,000 prize.

Holy ravioli!

Close up on ravioli
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Ravioli is pasta and cheese, all at once! What’s not to love? But in 2013, Amway Russia took its love of the cheese pockets of pasta to expansive levels.

The longest ravioli in the world was made in St. Petersburg in 2013. While it was a diminutive 2.36 inches wide, it measured 96 feet, one inch long. To further fancy it up, the filling included chicken and onion.

All aboard!

Wheels of cheese
Credit: MaryMarin/ iStock

Cheese, please! In August 2018, the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin set a new record (yes, there was a previous one) for the largest cheese board in the world.

The colossal cheese board weighed in at more than 4,437 pounds and included a variety of award-winning Wisconsin cheeses. Among the highlights? A capacious cheddar wheel, which in and of itself weighed over 2,000 pounds.

Don’t worry: the extras didn’t go to waste. What wasn’t consumed at the unveiling was donated to local food banks.

A mosaic of M&Ms

Pile of M&Ms
Credit: aperturesound/

Is art imitating dessert... or is it the other way around? In 2017, the largest M&Ms mosaic was fabricated in Bulgaria by Mars, Inc.

The massive mosaic, which featured the company logo, took 27 individuals to create over a period of 17 hours and 30 minutes. The final product contained about 291,490 M&M candies — but who’s counting?

A mighty scoop

Strawberry ice cream
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Craving a scoop? Your appetite might not be big enough for this baby. The world’s largest scoop of ice cream was not a modest portion. It weighed in at over 3,000 pounds. It was created by Kemps LLC in Wisconsin in 2014.

This substantial scoop measured over 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide and was made from about 733 containers of ice cream. The flavor? Strawberry.

Feeling hungry?

Man eating a giant slice of pizza
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For gourmands, these fun facts about food world records are bound to work up an appetite! The question is, what extremes will you go to satisfy your hunger?