There is no job more glamorous than being a celebrity. You can wear the finest clothes and the most expensive jewelry as you walk the red carpet at a big fancy movie premiere, and people all over the world know your name. But not every celebrity had such glamorous beginnings. Here are five stars who had some very unglamorous jobs before they were famous.

Megan Fox - A banana

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Megan Fox is one of the hottest names in Hollywood, but one of her early jobs wasn't so cool. Once a week, she would have to dress up as a giant yellow banana to promote the smoothie shop she worked for. As she told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, "I was a banana, a giant banana." Surely she was a glamorous banana, though, right?

Hugh Jackman - P.E. teacher

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Everyone's favorite X-Man, Wolverine (better known as Hugh Jackman) has been working on his muscular physique since he was a kid—and even helped others with theirs. After getting into sports as a child and a teenager, to channel some of the "Wolverine rage" that he felt over growing up without his mother and sisters when they moved from Australia to England without him, Jackman was hired as a P.E. teacher at the Uppingham School in England. His stint as a P.E. teacher was short-lived (he only stayed in this position for about a year) as he then went on to pursue his true passion: acting.

Miley Cyrus - Lingerie clean-up crew

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Before there was Miley Cyrus, there was her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, singer of the insanely catchy "Achy Breaky Heart." To teach his daughter a lesson about the dark underbelly of fame, Billy Ray hired his daughter Miley to clean up the bras and underwear that were thrown on stage by his fans after his shows. She earned $10 for this (icky) task, and apparently had some fun with it. According to Miley: "I’d get a really big one and be like, ‘Dad! I found your biggest fan!"

Whoopi Goldberg - Mortuary beautician

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Whoopi Goldberg, star of such films as Ghost and one of the hosts of The View, was a trained beautician in her youth, which sounds glamorous, but led her to something that would really freak most people out. After obtaining her beauty school diploma, she went to work at a morgue, doing makeup on corpses before funerals even though it made her feel a bit skittish. On one of her first days on the job, her boss played a prank on her where he slowly opened one of the drawers in the morgue as if one of the dead were rising, then he jumped out and told her, "That's the worst thing that could ever happen to you here, and it won't." After that, she wasn't spooked at all.

Taylor Swift - Exterminator

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Even now that she has an edgier sound, Taylor Swift is still known as a kind, sweet soul. Her first job, however, required her to be pretty ruthless. Swift's family owned a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, and everyone in the family helped out. When she was too small to swing an axe, Swift contributed to the cause by getting rid of the egg sacs left on the trees by the praying mantises that lived in them, making sure that the trees were perfect and pest-free for Christmas.