A tiny appearance can steal the entire show. When Neil Patrick Harris made his appearance in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”, his role not only became one of the most memorable parts of the film but served to reinvent his whole career. Bill Murray’s appearance in “Zombieland” as himself was as unforgettable as it was unexpected. The late Stan Lee’s cameos in the Marvel movie franchise became a staple of the series and a treat for the fans.

Those appearances, while small, were given the full star treatment. There are some major players out there, though, who sneakily found their way into some of your favorite films, and the odds are that you didn’t even notice.

Johnny Depp on “The Walking Dead”

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For the past decade, viewers of “The Walking Dead” TV series have been treated to regular doses of bleak post-apocalyptic horror stories from beyond the grave. As any zombie-movie buff knows, when placed in confrontation with the monsters, you always go for the head. But it isn’t always the undead that wind up losing their noggins. The show has countless scenes with severed human heads, which is why you may not have noticed that episode 12 of season six, “Not Tomorrow Yet”, features the disembodied head of none other than Johnny Depp.

James Cameron in "Titanic"

Director James Cameron accepting awards at the 70th Academy Awards, Hollywood, California
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Since we’re on the subject of famous body parts, there’s one more entry on the list that involves only part of a celebrity. One of the most iconic moments of the classic film “Titanic” is, without a doubt, the scene in which Jack draws Rose in the nude. The love story of Jack and Rose serves as a tragic and humanizing overture to the catastrophe of the sinking of the unsinkable. The drawing scene is the sensual climax of their story – which makes it a bit of an odd choice for a subtle cameo. However, the hands seen drawing Rose are not those of Leonardo DiCaprio but, rather, director James Cameron.

George Harrison in "Life of Brian"

Credit: Rémy Laven / YouTube

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail” has influenced countless writers and comedians throughout the years and inspired an endless stream of catchphrases. However, in the wake of the classic, producer John Goldstone found the troupe’s upcoming sequel “Monty Python's Life of Brian” unable to scrape together the coin to get it on screen. Lucky for Goldstone, the cast of "Monty Python", and generations to come, a certain British musician happened to be a huge fan. Stars and writers Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam were friends of Beatle George Harrison, who was shortly approached by Goldstone in the interest of financing the project — which he did. Aside from bringing the picture to theaters, Harrison also makes a brief cameo in the background credited as “Mr. Papadopoulos.”

Royd Tolkien on "Game of Thrones"

Up close view of pages from J. R. R. Tolkein's book "The Hobbit"
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Writer George R.R. Martin has often found himself discussing the influence of J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing on his own work and its TV adaptation “Game of Thrones”. While Martin has gone to lengths to define a more complex moral landscape than the dualism presented in Tolkien’s work, there’s no denying the tremendous impact of Tolkien on the genre of high fantasy as a whole. It is with that in mind that Tolkien's grandson’s cameo in episode eight of the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" seems only proper. An uncredited Royd Tolkien plays a background wildling in a climactic battle.

British royals in "Star Wars"

Princes Harry, William, and Princess Kate in London, United Kingdom
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This one may be disqualified by a technicality as the scene was cut from release, but it’s far too good to pass up. In the complex "Star Wars" universe, Stormtroopers are all clones of the same soldier; and you never know what lies beneath their masks. In the case of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, some of their identities happened to be a bit of a regal surprise. Prince William and Prince Harry both went to set and shot a scene fully dressed as Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, the scene was cut as they were too tall for the shot. It turns out that Stormtrooper Academy is just as selective as flight school.

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